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Manila Bulletin     June 17, 1999

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PIGS GROWN WITH LACTOBACILLI. These healthy pigs are grown on dirt floor inoculated with lactobacilli in Baybay, Leyte, by a Japanese married to a Filipino.  The floor consists of 90-cm thick mixture of shredded coconut husk, rice straw, rice hull and other materials, including 10% soil. The lactobacilli keep the pigpen without the usual smell of manure and also keep the pigs robust even without injecting them with veterinary drugs. Kotaro Nishiki, the Japanese hog raiser in Leyte, also makes the lactobacilli himself.  [The complete procedure came out in the Agri-Talk column in the February 6, 2000 issue of Panorama Magazine.]

Japanese Raises Pig With Lactobacilli

You are familiar with a health drink that contains lactobacilli. That's supposed to help you digest your food more efficiently.  Now comes a Japanese who is using his own Lactobacilli to raise healthy pigs in Baybay, Leyte where he lives with his Filipino wife and daughter. He is Kotaro Nishiki who has been raising his pigs on "dirt floor", yet his piggery doesn't have the usually offensive smell of manure. And his pigs are robust even without injecting them with veterinary drugs.

By Zac B. Sarian
Philippine Panorama Sunday Magazine of Manila Bulletin
Sunday, February 13, 2000

Agriculture Magazine     April 2000

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