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Process of Fermentation


Agricultural Technology 

There are thousand way of farming, that means
there is no royal road for farming.
As a hobby farmer, farming should be enjoyable.
If it make pollution and too hard work, that not for me.
So I look for a way which will meet my selfish demand.

So far, my finding is "Control Bacteria".
When I talk about bacteria that include mold and yeast
which work similar way.
Many people thinks bacteria are just source of disease.
There are two kind of bacteria, good one and bad one.
Bad one eat live animal's(including human) cell or
produce poison,but good one eat only residue of animal
or other bacteria and produce useful material for animal
and other bacteria.It is like carnivore and herbivore.
We have million of bacteria inside our body, mainly in
Without those bacteria we can not survive even one day.

The agricultural technology introduced in this website
are mostly established in Japan.  My intention is to
practice it myself here in the Philippines.  I believe it might
be feasible considering the fact that the land as well as the
plant and animal species of both countries were not so

There are so many technologies that I would like to
introduce to the Philippines. But I need to implement it
myself fast, and prove whether such techniques in
agricultural production would be appropriate to the climate.

This home page shows only the outline of my ideas on
For a detailed discussion, I would like to talk to people who
share the same interest with me through a Forum Area
(I am living in a remote area where there is no telephone line).

So far, my initial applications of some technologies were
already productive.  Click here to read some articles about it.

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